Day Seventy-Nine in Lockdown #3.0

06:24 Lindsay wakes up with her fringe shaped like a devil’s horn. She pities her class today.

06:48 The elephant in the room, also known as the washing basket, appears to have given up and is now trying to make its own way back into the airing cupboard.

10:46 It’s finally break time but there are still students in the room.

“Come on. Leave Miss alone. She needs 15 minutes of peace.”

Miss needs 15 days, not minutes.

12:01 Lindsay thinks she’s been insulted.

“Miss. Can women your age have babies?”


“Just wondered,” said child whilst looking at Lindsay’s stomach.

14:48 Lindsay enters the room and a student goes to leave.

“Do I smell?”


16:51 Frankie shows his excitement at Lindsay returning home by running away into the living room.

16:52 Lindsay walks into the kitchen after dealing with arguments all day, only to discover Joel and Ian are at loggerheads.

“I’m going back to work.”

17:12 Abigail chooses to eat in the conservatory instead of with her mam in the kitchen.

“Do I smell?”


18:03 Lindsay watches as Ian drools over his new socket set. There was no mention of having to put up with this in the marriage vows.

18:43 Lindsay is helping Ian measure for wood. She’s happy with her list.

“So we need 32 thickish bits about 20 inches, or centimetres, for in between the really big bits and some silvery-grey brackety things.”

Ian not sure he’s gonna get what he needs.


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