Day Seventy-Two in Lockdown #3.0

09:01 Lindsay’s finally made an impact with her class.

“Miss. Why are you wearing dresses now?”

“They don’t have waistbands.”

10:46 Lindsay spies a child in the doorway with their back to her. The temptation to skittle them with her office chair is overwhelming.

13:38 Lindsay is talking about marine food chains.

“Miss. I once saw a Doctor Mentry.”

“What was wrong with you?”


“So why did you go and see Doctor Mentry.”

“I didn’t go. I watched one on the telly about fish. I think it was David Attenborough.”

14:23 Microsoft Teams sends a message about amplifying every student’s voice. What?! Lindsay wants to shit the buggers up.

14:25 For some reason, Lindsay’s phone is now auto correcting ‘shut’ to ‘shit’. She’d better be careful when she types duck.

16:03 Lindsay immediately regrets not turning off her camera during a meeting. She could have still listened and found better things to do, like her class did during her lessons.

17:21 Lindsay announces loudly that she’s home, like a triumphant warrior after a battle. To be fair, today has been one long fight after another. Lesson, she means one long rewarding lesson after another.

17:23 Joel decides that he wants to converse.

“My foot still hurts. And my knee hurts. And I’ve a Biology test in nine days. And I might go for a walk.”



“Can you wait till I’m off the toilet?”

19:02 Joel tries to sneak an alcoholic drink upstairs.

“Joel. Fetch that back.”

“Mam! Why?”

“It’s a school night.”

“So why are you opening it?”

“Because it’s a school night!”


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