Day Seventy-Three in Lockdown #3.0

07:46 Lindsay’s slightly worried. She dreams about losing a kid. The next day she loses a kid. She gives a student a paper cut. Later, she gets one. Now, she writes about Ian having a crooked back this time last year. Ian’s pelvis and spine are now at a 46° angle. Lindsay’s gonna write about winning the lottery, giving up teaching and buying a brand new house. For the kids to live in.

09:01 Lindsay decides to see if her class can set a new record.

“OK. Any questions?”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

“Miss. What do we do again?”


11:02 The class are looking at the effects of plastic pollution on sea animals.

“Look at this poor turtle with a plastic straw up its nose.”

“Maybe it’s just doing a COVID test Miss.”

13:37 Lindsay’s feeling exasperated.

“Oh for goodness sake. Give me-“

“Strength Miss?”

“No. Vodka.”

15:57 Lindsay jokingly messages her kids and asks if they want to come for a walk with her. To her surprise, Sam agrees. Abigail also replies. Asking for a McDonalds.

16:23 Lindsay is sitting in the car watching the world go by, waiting for Sam. She ponders one of life’s big questions. Forget who shot JFK or do aliens really exist? How do joggers run and talk at the same time?

19:02 Abigail cleans her bedroom. And, in the process, creates two days’ worth of washing for Lindsay.

19:23 Lindsay decides she’ll put the lottery on tomorrow and if she wins, she’ll quit teaching and buy a brand new house. For the kids. For Ian too.


  1. I run alone because I am incapable of not chattering but also cannot run and talk. I would either run into something and damage myself or have some sort of failure to breath and faint. Occasionally I sing while running but only the odd line or two because I can’t breathe, run, and use my vocal chords all at the same time. Does that help answer your question?

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