Our Story

Here’s our story: Ian Stevenson

How did you guys meet? In the famed romantic location of Historical Collections returns room. He was looking for something for his Aunty. I wasn’t very helpful. She never got it.

First Date: Pubs round town (it was part of a dare which I won. Although, you could say I lost in the long term 😜)

How long have you been together? That involves maths. I don’t do sums. 1996.

Married? Yes. I had a fantastic day. As for the following 19 years…Or is it 20?

Age Difference? 18 months but he hasn’t aged well.

Who was interested first? Him. I was his golden ticket out of Historical Collections.

Who is taller? Ian. Just.

Most impatient? Me. Ian’s resigned to the fact, if I want it, I’ll just go ahead and buy it.

Most sensitive? Him. It’s like living with another emotional teenager.

Loudest? Him. Even his breathing.

Most stubborn? Him. I could call him Muffin but that sounds a bit affectionate so I don’t.

Falls asleep first? Me. Or pretends to.

Cooks better? Can Ian cook?

Better morning person? Me. Until Ian and the kids get up.

Better driver? Me. Except when it snows. Or it’s frosty. Or the roads are a bit narrow. Or it involves reverse parking.

Most competitive? Ian. He competes against me and the kids on a daily basis, but never wins.

Who is the funniest? Ian. I’m always laughing at him behind his back.

Who is more social? Ian. I could happily go days without speaking to him.

Who is the neat freak? Depends which of our family members suddenly announce they’re popping round.

Plans date nights? Neither. That takes up way too much energy.

Who picks where you go to dinner? Joel or Abigail.

Who admits they are wrong first? Ian, because I never am.

Who has more tattoos? Neither of us have any. He doesn’t love me enough to get a tattoo of my name.

Who sings better? Ian, but that’s only because I’m the worst so it’s not a compliment.

Did you go to the same school? No. He’s a Jameater.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? St Lucia. He can’t even get me out of the house nowadays.

Who drives when you are together? Ian. But that’s very rare because that would involve being together.

Post a picture/picture(s) of you and your Valentine ❤❤❤


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