Day 577 in the Corona House

And two people actually have it.

03:43 Frankie decides Lindsay is probably missing Ian’s snoring so races upstairs to take his place.

05:33 Lindsay wakes up in a hot sweat. It’s not Covid. She suddenly realises that if she deteriorates, she might have to rely on Joel to fetch her sustenance and medication. She’s gonna have to start being nice to that boy.

05:51 Sam decides to make sure his Mam knows he has managed to get up for work all by himself today by slamming doors, rattling toilet roll holders and dropping shoes. Lovely boy.

05:57 Two neighbourhood cats also decide to congratulate Sam by making an almighty racket outside Lindsay’s bedroom window.

05:59 Frankie decides those cats have gone on long enough now and is concerned his lady human isn’t getting enough sleep so he barks and growls at them to stop. Really loudly to make sure.

14:26 Coughing is now a double edged sword. Lindsay has to choose between grabbing her crotch to stop herself from peeing her pants or holding onto her head so that it doesn’t blow off.

15:34 Greyfriars Frankie won’t leave Lindsay’s side. Unfortunately, Lindsay hasn’t lost her sense of smell so she knows very well via intermittent trumps that Frankie is permanently by her side.

16:17 Abigail announces she’s moving out.

“Result! Earlier than I expected but never mind.”

“The bathroom Mam. I’m leaving the main bathroom. So I don’t infect the boys!”

“That makes more sense.”

17:01 In her delirious state, Lindsay thinks she’s channeling Tommy Cooper because, just like that, her sense of taste disappears. She can give that veggie lasagne she made yesterday another go now.

18:01 Lindsay’s gone back to bed as she is suffering from Covid. Ian is on the sofa doing nowt.

18:02 “Mam!”

18:03 “Mam!”

18:04 “Mam!”

Thank God Frankie can’t talk.

18:06 “Woof!”


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