Day 576 in the Corona House

Now two people actually have it.

05:44 Lindsay’s confused. She feels like she has a hangover but then she doesn’t remember drinking. But maybe that’s why she has a hangover. Because she drank too much. Her head is hurting even more now trying to remember. She’ll just got back to sleep instead.

09:24 Ian reminds Lindsay she’ll have to walk the dog.

“But I can’t. I’m ill. I have a hangover.”

“You didn’t drink last night.”

“I have Covid then.”

“Your result was negative.”

“No it wasn’t. It was indecipherable.”

“Just like you then.”

Lindsay likes younger Ian who never used to answer back.

09:41 Ian’s match is cancelled

“Ha! You can walk the dog now Ian.”

“No. I can take Joel to his match.”

“You walk the dog. I’ll take Joel.”


Lindsay weighs up her options. Watching a Springer stupidly chase a ball and retrieve it or watching a Joel stupidly chase a ball and miss it.

“I’ll walk Frankie.”

10:14 Joel’s match is cancelled.

“Ha! You can walk the dog.”

“Fine. You stay home with a Covid infested daughter and a cranky, tired Joel.”


10:37 Joel wants to go and watch a match.

“Mam. Will you take me to Amateurs to watch the match?”

“Yeah ok.”

“Where will you drop me off at?”



“Because that’s where the match is.”

“How do you know?”

“You just told me!!

“Did I? It’s at Amateurs?”

“Possibly. But it’s probably over now, given how long this pointless conversation has taken.”

13:54 Lindsay gets her Covid result. It’s not a hangover.

“I knew it was Covid. I’ve been feeling disoriented and confused.”

“That’s hardly a new symptom for you though is it Linz?”

17:01 Lindsay serves up homemade lasagne. Abigail’s not impressed.

“I won’t be able to taste it.”

“I wish I couldn’t taste anything.”

“Gee. Thanks Sam.”

17:32 Joel wants permission.

“Can I go away?”


“Do you not want to know where?”

“You can go.”

“Are you sure?”


“Will you pay?”

“No! Hang on, for you to go away….Yes.”

17:39 Lindsay’s feeling cranky.

“ Switch the light off Sam!”

“Does it hurt your eyes.”

“No. I just don’t wanna see you.”

17:44 Ian ratches out the spare duvet.

“I’d best sleep downstairs.”

Lindsay doesn’t even pretend to object.

18:01 Lindsay’s sorting out work for her class.

“Are you teaching them over Teams again, Mam?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

18:02 Lindsay suddenly recalls the Mute All button on Teams.

“Yes! Yes I will!”


  1. Noooooo how awful, a hangover without booze is utterly unfair. Sending hugs and endorphins in the hopes of a speedy recovery. Think Ian better lock you in your bedroom.and provide room service crisps in a range of flavours to keep those taste buds exercised.

    Liked by 1 person

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