Day 575 in the Corona House

And somebody actually has it.

17:16 Abigail’s test comes back positive.

“No Mam. I don’t want to have Covid.”

“Aw, are you worried about missing school?”

“No. Dancing.”

Lindsay’s happy to see her daughter has her priorities right.

17:23 Joel is told the news.

“You’ll have come for a PCR too. But if she’s positive, you can’t go to school anyway with the new guidelines.”

“No Mam!”

“Are you worried about missing the gym or football?”

“No! I don’t wanna miss school.”

Lindsay wonders who this Joel is and what has happened to the real one.

18:12 Three Stevensons take a trip out to the PCR centre where they’re now on first name terms with Derek, Paul and Matt.

“What do I do?”

“For God’s Sake Joel. You’ve done these loads of times.”

“Where do I stick it?”

“Where the sun doesn’t shine.”

“Eh? Like West Cumbria?”

18:18 The three Stevensons are still in the testing booth. Abigail and Lindsay are waiting for Joel. Not patiently.

“I can’t stick it up my nose. There’s something blocking it.”

“Well it’s not a bloody brain.”

19:01 Abigail’s being sensible. Lindsay’s thankful she’s produced one normal child out of three.

“Mam. Which toilet should I use?”

“Best use downstairs. Don’t want Sam catching Covid.”

“It’s not that. One of the boys has peed up the wall.”

Like Lindsay said, one out of three isn’t bad.


  1. Oh bollocks! We were out getting large boy’s eyes tested and about to choose his first glasses when the dreaded email came from school. 10% of his class is positive so we ran to the PCR mobile testing and made it 3 mins before they closed for the day – tents down, tables in van, they very kindly let us do a test, swiftly followed by one of his classmates. Now the waiting…

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