Day Ninety-Two in Lockdown #3.0

06:54 There’s a new snorer in the house. They sound like a pigeon. And seem to have attracted pigeons to tap dance on the roof.

11:02 Lindsay braves her first solo walk since Keygate. She’s like a best man, constantly checking her pocket for the vital object. Needless to say, she trips over a few times.

12:04 Lindsay decides Sweet Disposition would be a much better song if it was called Crisp Disposition.

13:12 Joel appears.

“Mam, this may be a stupid question.”

“There’s no ‘may’ about it.”

“About what?”

“Your question.”

“What question?”

14:16 Lindsay happily drops Ian off at the train station.

“I’ll phone you later Linz.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I will. To let you know what time I need picked up.”

Lindsay’s going to re-examine her marriage vows.

14:18 Lindsay takes advantage of being out of the house and goes to get petrol. She spies a man at the opposite pump, sitting in the driver’s seat, giggling away. She never thought a trip to the petrol station could be so enjoyable.

14:23 Abigail is needing to get from A to B

“Mam. Do I walk? And no sarcastic answers.”

Lindsay can’t do it. She’s speechless. She doesn’t know how to answer normally.

16:23 Lindsay is getting frustrated in the car.

“Bloody hell, Joel, why won’t the volume go down?”

“Because you’re pressing the temperature button.”

17:03 Lindsay thinks she’s a comedian.

“I’d better go and see what that chicken is doing. Well, not much because it’s dead.”

Sam doesn’t think she’s a comedian.

17:09 Lindsay asks a stupid question

“Anyone want veg with tea?”

19:03 Joel’s out and phones Lindsay.


“Don’t panic. I don’t want picked up.”

“Ok. What do you want?”

“Can you get my tea ready? I won’t be long.”


“And Mam?”


“Can you pick me up?”

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