Day Ninety-One in Lockdown #3.0

10:01 Joel asks his first stupid question of the day.

“Does the dishwasher open?”

“No. It’s stuck shut. I sprinkle floo powder over the dirty dishes like Harry Potter, shout ‘dishwasher’ and they appear inside.”

Lindsay watches to see if Joel starts looking for floo powder. He doesn’t. He’s already forgotten what his question was.

11:23 Abigail is also puzzled.

“Mam. Why’s there no photos of us three in any of these new photo frames?”

“Why would I want to be reminded of you three?!”

13:17 Joel seeks revenge.

“Joel! Why haven’t you put the scales away?”

“I couldn’t find the floo powder.”

Touché Joel. Touché.

13:02 The next stupid question.

“Mam, I don’t know whether to have scrambled eggs or omelette.”

“Up to you Joel.”

“Well I don’t know how to make omelette and we have no eggs.”

“Something around here is scrambled enough Joel.”

14:12 Joel asks a very good question.

“Can I have a poo?”

“What kind of stupid – actually no! You can’t! I’ve just cleaned all the toilets. Hold it in for a few more hours.”

16:14 Joel’s line of questioning is rubbing off on Lindsay. She arrives home to find Sam looking in the fridge.

“What are you looking for?”

“Clean underpants.”

Touché Samuel. Touché.

17:23 There’s a discussion about racial diversity occurring in the kitchen.

“At my primary school, my friends were all white.”


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