Day Sixty-Nine in Lockdown #3.0

04:31 Lindsay wakes up from a nightmare. She’s lost one of her students by letting him got to the ice cream van in her lesson. She’s most distressed. Not that she lost a pupil. But how she couldn’t be bothered looking for the kid.

07:32 Doing nothing on Mother’s Day has resulted in a messy house. She leaves it for Ian to sort. It’s almost worth going to work for. Just almost.

07:56 Contact lenses aren’t going well. Her right eye isn’t happy. Lindsay will spend the day, walking round like a pirate. Shame she can’t be swigging on rum at the same time.

09:01 Maths is not going well either.

“Are you stressed Miss?”


“Are you sure?”


“Your Apple Watch says differently Miss. You need to get your heart rate back down.”

11:04 Lindsay’s squinting a lot.

“Miss, what’s the matter?”

“I’m struggling with my contacts.”

“Miss, why don’t you just switch your phone off and on?”


“If my contacts are playing up, I knock my phone off.”

“Not the contacts in my phone. The ones in my eyes!”

14:36 Six minutes into the lesson and Lindsay has lost five pupils. How freaky. Lindsay tries to remember what else she dreamt about.

14:37 A teacher fetches her lost students back.

“I found these lot wandering Miss.”

“Thanks. Just out of curiosity, is there an ice cream van outside?”

16:07 Lindsay picks up her kids.

“Think I’ve finally got the hang of these contacts.”



“You drove straight past us.”

16:32 Abigail doesn’t trust her mother.

“When’s dancing?”

“Half five. You’ve plenty of time.”

“Yeah. And you’ve plenty of time to forget.”

“I won’t! I’ll remember!”

16:52 Abigail is moaning about her day.

“We had a lesson in PD on how much sleep we need.”

“And what did they recommend?”

“I don’t know. I fell asleep.”

17:32 “Maaaaammmmmmm!”

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