Day Sixty-One in Lockdown #3.0

10:03 Lindsay has to leave the house for the second day running. The thought of having to mingle again with humans gives her a bad head and she has to sit down.

10:32 Lindsay discovers two of her favourite drinks have joined forces. Echo Falls Vodka. One makes her fight and the other makes her lose a day. So now she can beat Ian up and spend the next day in blissful ignorance.

12:12 The kids are twining that there’s nothing to eat.

“You’re going back to school. It’s their job now to provide you with nutritious meals.”

“Isn’t it to educate us?

“Think they’ve given up on that one.”

13:56 Lindsay’s feeling nauseous. She can’t decide if it’s her own cooking or because she’s had to be social on two consecutive days.

14:32 Joel’s shouting at a Liverpool player.

“Oh my god. It’s like watching me play.”

Lindsay doesn’t remember Joel playing like a £30,000 a week premier league footballer. Maybe she missed that game.

16:31 Abigail’s reluctant to come downstairs.

“Joel! What’s that smell?”

“Mam’s cooking again.”

“What is it?!”

“At the moment, sick and spaghetti.”

16:56 Ian can’t find anything to eat.

“Did you actually buy any food?”

“Yeah. I did. I was gonna get those yoghurts you like.”


“I got this smelly candle instead.”

17:23 Ian remembers to show some concern.

“How’s your head Linz?”

“It’s still there.”

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