Day Fifty-Nine in Lockdown #3.0

08:32 Frankie races to the back door as Lindsay emerges downstairs. Stupid dog evidently thinks pyjamas are now daywear and they’re about to go for a walk.

09:34 Lindsay’s playing an online game with her class. A player called Karl Marx joins. As if this year couldn’t get any stranger.

10:47 Ian’s enquiring about one of Lindsay’s pupils whom he knows.

“How’s he been doing?”

“I haven’t really taught him much in lockdown.”

“He’ll be coming on then.”

12:56 Lindsay sticks some new work clothes into the online shopping basket in her pre lockdown size. She’s sure her computer just laughed at her.

15:52 Lindsay asks her Mam if she wants her to put some boxes up in the loft for her.

“Oh no! It’s treacherous. That’s why we get Ian to do it.”

16:52 Ian’s doing Lindsay’s head in by constantly summoning her to the garage to see what needs to go to the tip.

“What am I stopping you from doing?”

“Going to the toilet. Which looks very much like lying on the bed and searching for a new box set to watch.”

18:02 Joel and Lindsay are talking at cross purposes.

“Will you help me with my Biology?”

“Just let me pop to the toilet.”

“How many do you have?”


“No! Chromosomes!”


  1. Our school’s new favourite game is called “socks or no socks”, it’s a vast improvement on the “Friday surprise” of two TAs dressing up as 70s pop acts and doing bad karaoke that means nothing to 5 year olds (strangely they aren’t familiar with 9-to-5,YMCA or its raining men and just look at me asking why their teachers are being weird while himself’s colleagues are baffled at the noise coming from zoom in the kitchen). Also, the masked reader with snapchat filters, very strange.

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