Day Forty-Eight in Lockdown #3.0

08:12 Lindsay’s taken a sudden interest in arranging the stupid, pointless cushions on her bed. It’s almost like she’s trying to delay going downstairs to start online teaching again. Surely not.

09:34 Frankie is terrified of the window cleaner and seeks cover. It’s like he’s never seen the windows being cleaned before. Surely not.

09:37 Joel’s confused.

“Where’s dad?”

“At work.”

“No he’s not. I’ve just heard him.”

“It was the window cleaner.”

“Are you sure he wasn’t my dad?”

“What? Do you want to do a DNA test?”

11:23 Lindsay’s talking to herself again. Boris keeps going on about schools being safe. Lindsay’s classroom won’t be a safe place to be if these kids don’t start answering some bloody questions.

15:35 Abigail’s watching Boris addressing parliament.

“Look at the state of him! How is he our prime minister? He’s not fit to be in charge.”

Lindsay thinks Abigail isn’t too keen on going back to school. Neither is Lindsay. There’s no chance she’ll fit into her school clothes by 8 March.

16:12 Joel comes downstairs to investigate.

“Why are you angry?”

“How do you know I am?”

“You’re cleaning on a weekday.”

17:12 Ian is wanting to watch TV.

“Why is the TV muted?”

“It’s the best way to listen to Boris.”

18:02 Yet another teacher appears on the news talking about how they’re excited to get back in the classroom.

“For god’s sake! Where are they finding these people?!”

19:01 Abigail seems to have forgotten that her dance lesson has finished.

“Why are you dancing in the bathroom?”

“I’m not. I need a wee!”

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