Day Forty-Three in Lockdown #3.0

09:02 Lindsay learns it’s Random Act of Kindness Day. She could…

09:11 Lindsay’s still thinking.

10:16 Lindsay discovers her wellies are still wet after the Vicar of Dibley incident weeks ago. She wonders if the process of evaporation has been self-isolating since then.

10:41 Lindsay thinks she’s David Attenborough and walks deeper and deeper into the woods. She knocks herself out on a low branch. She’s not the short arse she thought she was after all.

11:23 Lindsay take an online test to see how creative she is. Instead she finds out she’s miserable, anti social and is probably best avoided.

15:47 Abigail is doing Lindsay’s head in.

“I don’t like her at the moment Ian.”

“I heard that.”

So along with being sarcastic, moody and opinionated, Abigail now has the exceptional hearing of a bat.

16:14 Lindsay’s lost track if she’s seen all of her kids today. She might have to create some kind of check in function like schools do for safeguarding.

16:23 All of a sudden, Lindsay wonders why they have a window in the wall between the kitchen and conservatory.

“Maybe we should take that window out. Saves me cleaning it”

“Saves you thinking about cleaning it more like.”

16:52 Ian tries to make a suggestion about home decor. Lindsay does an Abigail eye roll.

17:31 Abigail’s early for dancing by half an hour. Lindsay strikes again.

19:13 Lindsay reflects on the day. Joel hasn’t annoyed her, she didn’t fall over on the dog walk and she only received two porn messages today.

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