Day Twenty-Eight in Lockdown #3.0

06:04 Lindsay awakes from a nightmare. She was back in school.

08:03 Abigail annoys Lindsay by putting a dirty knife in with the clean cutlery.

“Abigail! Can’t you see the dishwasher is clean?”

“I thought you would have emptied it by now.”

“Have you even met me?”

08:55 Lindsay begins her real-life nightmare. Teaching from a cupboard.

09:12 Lindsay is met with a stony silence. She reckons she could have a career in radio.

09:37 Even the computer has had enough and refuses to work. A bit like most of Lindsay’s students.

11:03 If Lindsay gets any more wound up, she could start a new career as a grandfather clock.

“Will whoever is watching Coronation Street turn the TV off please?”


“Because David Platt is not in this class.”

12:34 Ian is telling Lindsay about his test.

“I got my Covid results.”


“It came back negative.”


“I thought you’d be concerned.”


16:23 Lindsay’s tired and needs to step away from the computer. She’s typing about her broken lamps on Joel’s sixth form application form while telling Abdullah on Next chat what Joel’s predicted GCSE grades are.

17:23 Sam and Lindsay are leaving the house.

“Just popping out for supplies.”


“Yeah. Clear milk that comes in a tall glass bottle.”

18:07 Lindsay makes a discovery.

“Abigail!! There’s a Billy Joel song trending on Tiktok!”


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