Day Twenty-Seven in Lockdown #3.0

08:12 Abigail appears downstairs, wide awake and in a good mood. Lindsay is very suspicious.

08:42 Lindsay decides to make an effort and straighten her hair. Mainly because her forehead is still covered in hair dye and she needs to hide it with a fringe.

08:43 Lindsay discovers she no longer has a fringe and sets about hacking at it with kitchen scissors. She’ll have to turn her camera off at this rate.

08:59 The class are looking at fractions. Still.

“If we divide something into four parts, what de we call each part?”


“Still no. Remember it’s a quarter.”

09:02 “Which fraction have I shaded in?”

“A fourth!”


09:14 “What fraction is left?”

“Two fourths!”

“If one more person says fourth, I will scream.”

09:16 “Right. Just give me two minutes. I need to leave the room. Just need to mute my mike.”

10:46 Abigail’s finished her Geography meet.

“How was it?”

“Ok. I was texting Ella.”


“It’s ok. She was in a Geography meet too.”

11:32 Lindsay’s talking about Dancing on Ice with Ian.

“I feel sorry for the male celebrities. I think it’s harder for the men.”

“It alway is.”

12:52 Ian’s chuntering to Lindsay that Frankie wouldn’t sit with him for a photo on a fell.

“Know how he feels.”

15:34 Joel’s asking about applying for an apprenticeship.

“You have to pass an aptitude test Joel.”

“ Oh crap. I can’t even get my order right at KFC.”

18:55 Lindsay gets sent a test on how circling your right foot clockwise then drawing the number 6 in the air makes your foot change direction.

18:59 “Mam! Have you looked at my sixth form application?”

“Not yet.”


“Because I’m trying to stop my foot from changing direction when I draw a number 6 in the air.”


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