Day Twenty-Two in Lockdown #3.0

08:12 Lindsay has a non-COVID coughing fit. A long one. To the point, her eyes are stinging. No one bats an eyelid.

08:59 Lindsay is talking about equivalent fractions.

“Oh I remember miss. We did this thing in primary school. Like one quarter. Or there was a one on top. Something like that. And we added it to something else. Must have been a quarter. So you add. But the bottom didn’t change. They stay quarters and then you can do the same thing with take aways.”

“Right, so do you remember finding equivalent fractions?”


10:32 The class are looking at photos of African countries.

“Miss. Where’s the polar bears?”

“It’s Africa.”

“Oh yeah. I mean camel. I always get them mixed up.”

11:27 Lindsay’s discovered that if she just sits in her cupboard talking to herself like she’s giving a PowerPoint presentation, Ian will do all the chores and make her endless cups of tea.

12:23 Ian is talking about converting the garage.

“If we do it properly, we could invite people to stay.”

“Or you could move in?”

12:51 Ian nearly crashes. Lindsay needs to make a mental note. And a typed note. And a handwritten note. And a voice memo. So she can remember when he accuses her of driving badly.

13:27 Abigail has a question.

“Is this a leap year?”

“Why? Were you hoping for an extra day of Covid?”

13:56 If Lindsay don’t stop eating pepperami sticks, she’ll get stuck in this cupboard forever.

14:47 One of Lindsay’s students calls her a legend. She quickly takes a screenshot. That’s evidence sorted for her performance management target.

15:36 Lindsay goes into Tesco for wraps, cucumber and dry shampoo. She comes out with poo bags, a whiteboard, sugar snap peas and wipes. Oh and dry shampoo.

16:01 Lindsay’s helping Abigail with her German.

“Hang on Mam. You’ve just said that I live with my grandma in a bungalow.”

“It can be arranged?”

17:03 Boris is on again. Lindsay switches off from him and watches the man signing for the deaf. He’s much more enjoyable to watch.

17:11 Ian returns again from the in-laws.

“Did my parents ask about my back?”


“My ankle?”


“My itchy toe?”

“Err…let me think. No.”

17:04 “Mam. I’ve got a sore tummy.”



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