Day Nineteen in Lockdown #3.0

08:01 Lindsay awakes from a strange dream. She’d been to the dentist to get a toenail taken off, then lost her phone on the way to taking photos of her old school (now Morrisons) with an old camera. Either she needs to make a dentist appointment, cut her toenails, sort out Ian’s phone, print off some photos and go shopping. Or she shouldn’t drink vodka in the afternoon.

11:03 Lindsay asks Ian what happened at the end of ‘Not Going Out.’

“It ended. That was the best bit.”

11:13 Lindsay spends too long searching All 4 for the brilliant comedy which is back. It turns out they meant the comedy called Back. Lindsay never knew it had been, never mind come back.

11:45 Ian and Lindsay are discussing birthday presents.

“Has Sam mentioned turning 18 Linz?”

“No but I think he knows it’s gonna happen.”

12:32 Ian begins to regret letting Lindsay drive his car.

“Are the pedals the same as in my car?”

12:47 Ian and Lindsay return from the dog walk to be greeted by a puzzled Joel. Well, more puzzled than normal.

“Where have you two been?”

“Taking the dog for a walk.”

“What? Like together?”

14:12 Sam goes to get Joel to help with the shopping.

“He can’t come. He’s busy revising History.”

Lindsay didn’t know Sir Walter Raleigh had such outspoken opinions on referees. Or that football existed in Elizabethan England.

15:48 Lindsay notices a Time Machine app on the computer.

“Siri!! 1992!”

Lindsay’s disappointed. It’s something to do with backing up data, not being happy and carefree again.

16:23 Ian’s watching the news.

“Linz. What will I say about you when you die?”


“Well, this teacher has died and everyone’s saying how much he loved his job and was devoted to his students.”


17:03 Lindsay decides to end an abnormally chilled day with a takeaway. She asks the kids for their orders.



“Wooden ones or plastic?”

He calls Lindsay funny. Finally they agree on something.

18:11 Sam leaves the house!!

18:22 Lindsay is enjoying her uneventful Saturday.

18:23 Lindsay is shocked to see a car driving down their path towards the front door. She knows she asked for doorstep delivery but she assumed they’d park the car first.

18:24 Abigail’s mortified that her dad is chasing after the delivery driver.

“For god’s sake. It’s only grass. If Minecraft taught me anything, grass grows back really quickly.”

Lindsay wonders if Minecraft could homeschool her too.

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