Day Eighteen in Lockdown #3.0

06:45 Lindsay always knows when it’s 06:45. Because Joel still hasn’t knocked his school alarm off. And he still sleeps through it.

09:55 Lindsay’s teaching fractions.

“So what’s equivalent to one half?”

“Miss. Did you know I had a giant seal teddy?”

“I didn’t. Does it know an equivalent fraction to one half?!”

10:46 “Ian! What time are you getting up? I need you to take Joel for a walk!”

“Don’t you mean dog?”

“No. Joel.”

11:22 The French lesson is going slightly better.

“Well done. You won the quiz. You’re good at French.”

“Well miss. My brother asks me French questions. He got some once. He asked me to help him. He followed me up the stairs and hit me on the head. And I said no, stop. I won’t help you. But he wouldn’t stop..”

Lindsay was sure she was in the middle of a French lesson.

12:56 Lindsay’s on the hunt.

“Where’s the dead horse?”

“What dead horse?”

“The one I’ve been flogging all day!!”

14:30 Lindsay tells the kids to have a lovely weekend

14:31 Lindsay opens the vodka because of said kids.

14:56 Trump’s got nothing on Lindsay. There’s a wall of clean washing big enough to keep an entire nation being erected in the Stevenson house.

15:37 Abigail starts the school day.

“How fast does light travel?”

“Slightly quicker than you getting motivated for work.”

17:02 Lindsay thinks about switching the light off. Joel goes and does it. That’s where she’s been going wrong. He only responds to telepathy.

17:36 “Mam! Tea is taking forever.”

“I know. Strange.”

“Is the oven even on?”

“Oh. No. That’ll be why it’s taking for ever. Joel! Use your telepathy to turn the oven on!”


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