Day Seventeen in Lockdown #3.0

06:54 The wind wakes Lindsay up. Actual wind. Not Ian’s.

08:12 Lindsay adopts the customer service skills of Hedwig and throws the boys’ post at their doors.

08:59:Lindsay’s been teaching for four minutes.

“Miss. Do I need a pencil?”

“Miss. Do you want the answers?”

“Miss. Did you just roll your eyes?”

Lindsay’s patience hasn’t worn thin. It’s now untraceable.

10:51 Lindsay regrets not putting her glasses on. She tells a student to massage his PE teacher.

12:56 Frankie hears the big female human screeching at the middle little human again. He’s given up on them two and rolls over.

16:01 Lindsay trying to help Joel with his German work on saving the environment.

“Say ‘duschen’.

“I’m not a doosh!”

“It’s German for shower.”


“Start with ‘man könnte..”

“You can’t call me that!”

“It means ‘can’ Joel!”

“Can what? Why are you breathing like that?”

16:02 “What are you going to use those notice boards for?”

16:03 “Why was the milkman here?”

16:04 “What’s for lunch tomorrow?”

“You won’t see tomorrow Joel!!”

16:05 Lindsay looks into taking out a second mortgage to reward anyone who’s ever had to try and educate Joel.

17:12 Abigail and Lindsay escape to McDonald’s. Ian’s at work so he will be none the wiser. He phones.

“Hi. Where you at?”

“Just at home.”

“Big Mac meal please.”

Bloody Find Friends.

17:15 Abigail’s feeling left out.

“Why is Joel always in your blog?”

“Because, unlike you, he’s awake during daylight hours.”

“Oh. I thought it was because he was stupid.”

“And that.”

17:23 Sam asks where his coke is.

“Oh crap. I forgot. Take your dad’s. I’ll say I forgot.”

17:25 Ian returns home early from work.

“Well that job went well.”

“Depends who you’re asking.”

17:28 “Linz. Where’s my coke?”

“Sam took it.”

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