Day Sixteen in Lockdown #3.0

07:06 Lindsay wakes up before her alarm, feeling surprisingly refreshed.

07:21 Lindsay enjoys a warm cuppa without a stinky dog demanding her immediate attention.

10:05 Some of Lindsay’s pupils get the questions right.

10:37 Ian sets off to walk the dog without any mention of a broken back or chocolate ankle.

11:12 One of Lindsay’s students asks her a question which has nothing to do with what they are doing and Lindsay just smiles graciously. She doesn’t die slowly inside.

11:23 Joel completes some school work and submits it all by himself.

11:37 Frankie chooses to take his drenched tail and sleep in his own bed, instead of lying on the lovely new sofas.

12:02 Lindsay has made it to the afternoon without making an online purchase.

12:34 Sam’s car, which he won’t legally drive till he’s 37 given the backlog in driving tests, passes its MOT.

13:37 Lindsay just sighs quietly instead of screaming wildly at her newly painted fence which is turning green.

13:42 Joel puts his plate in the dishwasher all by himself.

14:34 There is a rare second daily sighting of Sam.

16:23 Frankie miraculously eats his tripe without leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail across the kitchen.

16:24 Joel spends a considerable amount of time with his mother. He appears to be sniggering at her because she’s crying at Joe Biden but at least he’s choosing to be in the same room as her.

16:45 Lindsay thinks one of the fanfares at the presidential inauguration sounds like the theme tune to Diff’rent Strokes but she’s not annoyed that she’s now singing about the world not moving to the beat of just one drum. At all.

16:52 Despite her love of home made cooking and giving her children nutritious meals, Lindsay decides to reward her hardworking children with a McDonalds for failing to wind her up today.

17:12 Ian returns early from work so Lindsay abandons her plan for fast food and chooses to save money instead. Nothing to do with the fact Ian was meant to be on his way to Crewe and not know anything about a McDonalds.

17:20 Ian does something the first time of asking.

17:23 Lindsay doesn’t react when Abigail points out that the fence she spent the entirety of the first lockdown painting grey is slowly turning green.

17:29 Abigail is early and prepared for her dance lesson in the living room.

17:59 Lindsay has delivered Abigail to her dance lesson too early. Half an hour early. Oh how they both laughed. Well Lindsay laughed.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


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