Day Fifteen in Lockdown #3.0

07:32 Lindsay unwittingly gets Baileys out of the fridge instead of milk to pour into her tea. It’s like she has a premonition about the day ahead.

08:01 Lindsay thinks Ian is trying to see her off. Everytime she uses the shower after him, it’s like being doused in hot lava.

08:23 Lindsay looks at the weather forecast and wonders if the internet can get flooded.

09:05 Lindsay’s lesson gets off to a cracking start when a student’s dog starts eating her equipment. Lindsay knew she should have poured the Baileys.

11:02 The class are listening to a story where a pupil is daydreaming and the teacher getting angry. They all seem to have a fantastic grasp of this situation.

12:34 Joel wants fed but Lindsay insists she’s ‘busy’. He makes his own lunch. That is what you call fantastic parenting.

13:15 Lindsay checks on Abigail.

“What work have you done today?”

“I’ve done some French.”

“Great. What did you do?”

“I ate a pain au chocolat.”

13:56 Lindsay tries to multi task. Teaching, chatting with iPhone support and paying bills. She can’t manage it. She knows now how men feel.

16:22 Ian phones Lindsay and gets more than he bargained for.

“Are you busy?”

“Nope. Just having a poo.”

17:02 Joel emerges.

“What’s tea?”

“A meal between lunch and supper if you’re northern.”

“You’re not funny.

“I’m not a cook either so get used to it.”

17:15 Lindsay goes for a change of screenery (get it) and sticks on the TV. Pointless is on. Sums up her day.

18:22 Lindsay’s watching the news and talking to herself.

“Thank goodness. Trump’s almost done.”

“ I can’t smell anything.”

“ I’m talking about the bloody American president Joel. I’m not sitting here expelling noxious gases!”

19:21 Lindsay’s gonna introduce Wellbeing Wednesdays. Not for her students. For her.

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