Day Eleven in Lockdown #3.0

08:02 Lindsay’s regretting that third Baileys last night. She looks defeated already and she hasn’t even started teaching.

08:43 Lindsay cheers up when she checks the bank account. Ian’s wages have gone in. Or Ian’s paid her for putting up with him.

09:52 Lindsay’s developed Tourette’s. Every time she hears a Microsoft Teams notification, she issues a range of expletives.

10:34 Lindsay’s chuntering because a work colleague hasn’t replied to her email. Turns out Lindsay sent it to herself!

12:34 Ian is yet again missing in action with Frankie when homeschooling is meant to be taking place. Lindsay’s trying to get Abigail to work.

“You need to show some bloody work ethic.”

“I do. I work hard at dancing.”

“You can’t pirouette your way into a job!”

15:17 There’s some role reversal going on.

“Joel. Wake me up for a meeting in half an hour.”

16:53 “Kids. Come and tell Marma what you want for tea.”

“Who’s Marma?!”

“The chef at Marmaris who’s making your tea.”

18:23 Joel’s put in a shift today. His team on FIFA is progressing well in a competition and his house on Minecraft is beginning to take shape.

18:52 Lindsay tells Ian she’s popping up stairs for five minutes.

19:24 Lindsay’s forgotten to pop back downstairs. She’s popped back into bed instead.

19:28 Ian is brandishing a new mask.

“What do you think?”

“It’s a mask.”

“It’s better designed apparently.”

“Nah. I can still see some of your face.”


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