Day Ten in Lockdown #3.0

08:55 Lindsay’s work day gets off to a great start. No kids turn up.

09:00 Some buggers arrive.

10:27 Lindsay is sick of this lockdown. She’s gonna write to Boris and ask him to schedule the next one when the weather is nicer.

13:37 Lindsay tries to engage her students by mocking herself up as Harald Hardrada. No one seems to notice the difference. She evidently looks like a crazed Viking everyday.

14:32 Ian pretends to take an interest.

“How was your day?”

“Rubbish! No one said anything stupid for my blog.”

“You just carry on talking Linz. Won’t be long.”

15:54 Lindsay’s helping Joel with schoolwork.

“Go and get me a mask Joel!”

“Don’t be stupid. I don’t have Covid.”

“No worse. Halitosis.”

16:32 Joel’s not enjoying German.

“Mam! I want to go back!”

“To your home planet? I knew it!!”

17:24 Lindsay’s catching up on the news. Some political analyst says Joe Biden is currently threading a needle. Lindsay thought he’d have more important things to be doing.

17:32 Part timer Ian has cooked tea.

“So Joel. Is it ok? Or would you want more next time?”

“No. Less.”

17:34 Lindsay’s stuffed. Her jeans are too tight She goes to undo the button. It’s already undone.

18:12 All the kids appear in the living room like zombies from The Walking Dead. Yep. The WiFi’s not working.

19:02 Lindsay pours her second Baileys.

“Thank Christ it’s the weekend.”

“It isn’t. It’s Thursday.”



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