Day Nine in Lockdown #3.0

07:23 Lindsay’s trying to get her computer to go into sleep mode. Except every time she moves away, it comes back on. It’s like having a bloody newborn again.

09:46 Lindsay tells her students for the 2753th this week that she’s available on chat if they need her. She’s actually sat on the sofa drinking tea and eating crisps wearing pj bottoms. But she is available.

10:46 Lindsay is attacked by a gin glass as she opens a door. She thinks the cupboard is trying to tell her something.

11:07 Lindsay has a message from a student saying he’s been working on Tinder. Not sure she set that as a task, but at least he’s working.

12:57 Boris is thanking teachers. Lindsay tells Boris where to go. And it’s nowhere nice.

13:27 Ian makes a suggestion to Lindsay.

“How about on Saturday we take two cars. Leave one at Dent then start the walk from the lake.”


“Or I could just walk up Dent and you could stay in bed.”


13:31 Within three minutes of putting vinegar on her meal, Lindsay can’t remember if she’s put vinegar on. She’s now eating a selection of baked beans and a bit of quiche in a mildly acidic brown soup.

15:37 Lindsay’s complaining to Ian that she can’t face another cup of tea.

“ You wouldn’t make a very good train driver then.”

16:34 It’s Abigail’s parents’ evening. Ian asks how it’s going.

“Apparently she’s an excellent geographer.”

“Well she certainly knows where her bed is.”

17:12 It’s the turn of the Maths teacher.

“Well you’ve drawn the short straw having to teach all three of my kids.”

“No. I only have one at a time. You’ve drawn the short straw having all three at the same time.”

Ok. Thanks for reminding me.

19:12 Lindsay’s relieved the day is over. Six hours being a teacher then two hours listening to teachers.

“Mam! I don’t get this English!”

If Jean-Paul Sartre was still alive, he would be describing hell as Lindsay’s day.

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