Day Eight in Lockdown #3.0

10:23 Abigail’s complaining of feeling sick. Joel Stevenson M.D comes to her rescue.

“Just have a shower and drink some water.”

“Wow Joel. You should be a doctor!”

“With a 5 in Biology? I don’t think so.”

“5?! Think you’re being optimistic there.”

12:03 Lindsay feels like a drug dealer. She’s having to hide food up her sleeve so the dog doesn’t notice. The dog that is usually trained to be a sniffer dog because of its extraordinary sense of smell. Frankie isn’t fooled.

13:32 “How was your pizza Joel?”

“In my stomach.”

“Not where!”

Joel’s obviously trying to prove he would make a good doctor.

14:24 Lindsay’s planning a R.E lesson. Ian’s assembling one of today’s deliveries which have been appearing daily since lockdown began.

“Linz. Give me a hand.”

“I can’t help. Jesus needs me.”

14:29 Lindsay’s reluctant to teach her last lesson of the day.

“Get back in your cupboard!”

“I’m not bloody Harry Potter.”

18:23 Everyone’s enjoying a virtual information evening about apprenticeships. Ian takes a sudden interest.

“Oh look. There’s Direct Rail Services.”

18:25 “Look Ian. There’s Direct Rail Services.”

18:34 The presenter starts to talk about what happens if you don’t get good enough GCSE grades. Sam immediately turns round and looks at Joel.

19:01 Lindsay’s watching Ian click through the film channel. There’s a movie called ‘3 Idiots’.

“Hang on! No one asked us to the rights for a movie about our kids!”

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