Day Three in Lockdown #3.0

09:55 Lindsay’s turning into Harry Potter, having to teach in a cupboard under the stairs. Except J.K. Rowling didn’t mention Harry getting a numb arse.

12:12 Joel is really freaking Lindsay out now. He keeps doing work. Independently. Voluntarily. Except German. And Biology. And sometimes P.E. And Sam does his Maths.

14:47 Lindsay googles enlarged balls in dogs. Not what she was expecting to be researching on the internet today.

15:35 Lindsay is appalled when she goes to put on her pyjamas and realises her mother has bought her one size bigger than normal. She’s even more appalled when they fit.

15:36 Ian is appalled that Lindsay is in her pyjamas.

15:37 Frankie is appalled that Lindsay is in her pyjamas. No evening walk for him then.

16:23 Lindsay wants to watch a new French drama.

“Find ‘Lands’ on Netflix Ian.”

“Nope. Not there. Are you sure it’s called ‘Lands’?”

“Yep. Said on Facebook. New French drama lands on Netflix.”

Ian practically rolls his eyes into the back of his head.

16:37 Ian tells Lindsay the latest Covid figures. She groans. Ian tells Lindsay Boris is on the telly at 5pm. She groans even more.

18:12 Frankie glares at Lindsay until she gets changed and takes him out. The only male in existence who can get her to do something.

18:59 Lindsay shouts at Sam.

“Put that lager back. It’s a school night.” As she swigs on her third cider.


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