Day Two in Lockdown #3.0

09:55 The first online lesson is a technical disaster. Lindsay ponders vodka in the water bottle.

10:45 Lindsay’s talking with Ian about a geography teacher who’s caught Covid.

“She doesn’t know where she’s caught it from.”

“Not much of a geography teacher then is she?”

11:02 “Miss. Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”

Lindsay knows the new variant is easily transmitted but surely not through computer screens.

11:04 Shit! No mask means no swearing.

14:47 Sam knocks on the door.

“Did you want me?”

“Fancy starting teacher training?”

15:25 Lindsay’s relieved remote teaching is over for the day.

“Mam. Can you help me with unseen poetry, naval warfare in Elizabethan times and environmental problems in German?”

17:12 Ian and Lindsay are discussing the latest Covid figures.

“I think I’m deadified to these numbers now.”

“Deadified? Do you mean desensitised?”

“That’s the word.”

“Have you been teaching yourself?”

18:09 Lindsay receives an email from Currys saying that they’re here for everyone during lockdown. She wonders if that includes homeschooling Joel.

19:02 Lindsay’s determined not to fall into the daily vodka trap this lockdown. It’ll be cider instead.


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