Day Four in Lockdown #3.0

06:22 Lindsay is dreaming about stopping on the way to Edinburgh so she can take pictures of Northern Ireland. She wakes herself up to tell herself how rubbish she is at Geography.

06:45 Joel’s school alarm is still going off. And it’s still not waking up Joel.

07:53 Lindsay spots the snow.

“Well that’s me not driving anywhere today then.”

“Lindsay. You’ve worn pyjama bottoms for the last three days. You’re not planning on going anywhere for the next six weeks.”

07:54 Lindsay wonders (hopes) if her class will think it’s a snow day.

12:01 Lindsay runs up the stairs singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’



“Bog off!”

Lindsay wants some new children.

13:44 Lindsay discovers the ‘mute all’ button on Microsoft Teams. Her life is complete.

15:02 Frankie’s desperation reaches new depths. He starts digging his bed. He’s decided life is better Down Under.

15:25 Ian’s promised the kids McDonalds if they do all their work. He hasn’t see them all afternoon. Lindsay wonder if McDonalds could deliver daily to schools.

19:05 Ian’s asking why there’s sewing thread lying about. It’s not a common occurrence in this house.

“Abigail has to learn how to hand sew for one of her lessons? Don’t know why they keep calling it hand sew. It’s not like you foot sew.”

“I think it’s to distinguish from machine sew Linz.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Do you just open your mouth to get material for your blog?”


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