Day Four in the Back to School House

01:01 Lindsay is woken up by the usual suspect and trots off downstairs to sleep on the sofa. She reads about the new names for storms. It sounds like Storm Ian has already arrived upstairs, with all the disruptive, hot air circulating.

06:02 Lindsay decides to walk the dog in her pyjamas. It’s early. She won’t see anyone.

06:05 Lindsay’s neighbour passes and points, laughing.

06:12 Lindsay bumps into another neighbour.

06:34 Frankie runs off from Lindsay, back to the house, obviously ashamed to be seen with her.

06:45 Joel’s alarm goes off to get him up for a shower. It fails miserably. Wouldn’t like to be sitting next to him in class today.

10:36 Lindsay is thankful for her mask so her class can’t see the obscenities she’s mouthing. She just needs a black veil now for those who can read her eyes.

13:35 Lindsay’s class return from lunch. She googles if it’s legal to purchase sleeping gas to knock the buggers out. She’ll just have to turn the heating up for the time being.

16:32 Lindsay rummages around for some money for the chippy.

“I can’t cook tonight.”

“You’ve never been able to cook. What’s new tonight?”

If she wasn’t so tired, she’d…..zzzzzzzzzz

19:14 Lindsay emerges from her nana nap still ensconced in her coat. Turning up the heating does work.

19:53 Joel returns home. Lindsay decides it’s time for bed.


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