Day Three in the Back to School House

07:13 Ian smiles smugly as he lies in bed on his day off, whilst Lindsay tries to coax three untrained puppies into their school uniforms.

07:34 All the kids glare at Lindsay as if she’s Gavin Williamson and has made the decision to send them back to school. If she bumped into the numpty, she’d glare at him too. Lindsay changes her mind about the obligatory back to school photo.

07:41 Lindsay thinks she really should have read all the emails from school as her kids bombard with questions about any changes. She decides to make up it as she goes along. A bit like the British government.

11:01 Lindsay is seeing things. Her students’ eyes appear brightly coloured; some even have stripes. Lindsay thinks she may have Candy Crush withdrawal.

13:02 Lindsay receives an email with Super Mum in the subject box. She’s touched. She clicks on the message then sees it’s from Super Mug. Yeah, that fits better.

14:23 Lindsay is talking to her class about something she did when she was younger.

“When you were 85?”

Lindsay wants her old class back.

16:12 Ian announces he’s got some overtime shifts at the weekend. Lindsay starts doing calculations in her head to see if that’s enough for her to quit work.

“No!” shouts Ian.

An extra lottery ticket it is.

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