Day Two in the Back to School House

06:36 Lindsay wakes up suddenly. Never managed one lie in during lockdown (excluding hangovers) and today she finally manages to sleep in.

08:01 Lindsay’s slightly late leaving for work. She can’t find her sewing box. She then remembers she’s doesn’t possess a sewing box. Plus she’s forgotten why she’s looking for a sewing box.

08:06 Lindsay passes some parents crying as they wave goodbye to their clean, shiny children on their first day at secondary school.

“Don’t worry. The novelty wears off. By the time you’re on your third kid, you can’t wait to get rid of the feckers,” Lindsay thinks as she smiles at them.

13:02 Lindsay texts Sam to make sure he’s remembered to feed the dog.

“I didn’t know I had to.”

“No you’re right. I’m sure he’s managed to open the garage door, locate some frozen lamb, defrost it then serve it up in his bowl.”

13:05 Lindsay receives a text from Abigail.

“Sam wants you to know he has now fed the dog.”

Lindsay realises her and Sam are no longer on texting terms.

16:23 Abigail asks Lindsay what a fronted adverbial is.

“You don’t need to worry your pretty little head about that.”

“Just tell me in case they ask me at a school tomorrow.”

“Just give me five minutes then while I google it.”

17:08 Joel’s worried about which books to take to school because he doesn’t have his timetable.

“Just take Maths and English.”

“But what if I have History? Or German?”

“Just take them all in then.”

“They won’t all fit in my bag.”

“Take as many as you can then.”

“What if I have the lesson for the ones I leave behind?”

“Have you seen my sewing box?”

Joel shuts up and leaves.

17:45 Lindsay collapses on the sofa.

“I’m knackered! I need my bed!”

“God. Were the kids that bad?!”

“No. They’re weren’t even in! I’ve had to be nice to humans. I’m not used to it!”

Ian wonders if there’s any overtime going for the rest of the term.

18:02 Lindsay hears the news headlines about schools reopening. She immediately covers her ears and sings loudly to block out the horrible truth.

18:27 Lindsay spots the Couch to 5k app on her iPad. She’ll just do the couch bit tonight.


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