Let It Go

Day 76..oh no stop. I don’t do that anymore!

So I decided yesterday to stop writing my daily musings about life in our house during lockdown. At first, I felt immense relief that I would not have to strain my tired little mind to try and recall amusing anecdotes from the day. I was slightly delirious at the thought of not having to come up with funny comments to add to fairly normal pictures. And I was relatively happy that I would not feel the need to spend the evening sharing my latest piece of work on every social media platform available, then agonising as the views weren’t increasing as quickly as I thought that my newest blog deserved.

So what have I done today?  I’ve done what I’ve normally done for the past 75 days. I’ve spent the day looking at clocks and thinking in the third person. I’ve typed up notes on my phone, recorded events on my phone, scoured viewing figures on my phone.  I appear to have become addicted. I discussed with the husband the possibility of just carrying on, but he said that would be stupid, especially after my Oscar speech of the previous evening. Just like Alan from Deacon Blue’s ‘Chocolate Girl’, Ian doesn’t understand me. He’s logical. I’m emotional. He thinks practically. I think in words.

On reading the comments after my announcement, I immediately regretted my decision. It turns out my posts had served a purpose. They’d made mothers feel happier that their house wasn’t as bad as mine.  Maybe their dog wasn’t as badly behaved after all. Maybe their children were doing OK at home schooling. And maybe they should appreciate that their husbands had straight backs.

So I’ve spent the day reconsidering my decision. Should I do an Elvis and attempt to entertain once more? Should I do a Rocky and pick myself back up? Should I do a Napoleon and escape my Corona Diary exile? 

Well I’ve resisted. Typically, my kids have demonstrated differing degrees of stupidity today which would have been perfect. However, I learnt today that, during my brief foray into gardening last week, I’ve actually replanted weeds and have been nurturing them ever since. So who am I to judge my own offspring?!

So, without even realising, Day 76 has actually been written. What will happen to it, I don’t know. But it exists and that’ll do me for today. And I have let it go.

Read what happened on my last day, Day 75

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