Day Twenty-Six in the Corona House

(Though nobody actually has it.)

09:35 Lindsay wonders if Abigail will believe her when she says the Easter Bunny is self isolating to explain the lack of chocolate eggs.

10:05 Lindsay looks in the fridge and prepares for a day of playing Ready Steady Cook.

11:09 Lindsay persuades Chocolate Back Ian to take Frankie for a walk then immediately regrets her decision as Frankie provides fifty percent of her blog material.

12:55 Abigail returns from the walk declaring she will never go with dad again, only her mam. Not only has Ian made her trespass, he’s had a stand-off with someone refusing to cross the road and called them a naughty word. Abigail is not impressed. Lindsay knows exactly what Ian was playing at.

13:06 Ian asks what the smell is in the living room.

“Cleanliness, Ian. I’ve cleaned.”

“You’ve just changed the Scentsy bar, haven’t you?”

Lindsay calls him the naughty word he used earlier on the walk.

13:36 As supplies have dwindled, Ian puts oat milk in the tea. Ian says it looks like tatty juice. Lindsay gets excited. What vodka?

13:37 Lindsay doesn’t respond to Joel’s FaceTime calls. He eventually ventures downstairs, stepping over his pile of clean washing, grabs his one and only Easter egg then returns to bedroom, again stepping over his pile of clothes.

14:04 Lindsay announces she’s sourced enough ingredients to make a Sunday dinner including homemade mash and vegan Yorkshire puddings. Ian laughs. She’ll show him. That he’s right and she can’t cook.

14:45 Lindsay discovers that she doesn’t even possess a masher.

15:05 Lindsay taunts Ian in the only way she knows how. Waving her chocolate egg in his face then walking off.

15:06 Lindsay immediately realises she’s left her Ferraro Rocher in the living room in front of him. She’s not gonna see them now.

15:15 Lindsay pops upstairs for a sleep. To read! She means read.

16:55 Abigail politely declines Lindsay’s “roast dinner” and opts for pasta and gravy instead. Joel is not impressed.

“Why does she get off with having to eat it?”

Sam is Lindsay’s favourite for the second day on the trot.

17:39 Jesus Christ may have risen today but Lindsay’s Yorkshires certainly didn’t.

17:58 Lindsay serves plates of Bisto with a bit of Sunday dinner. Maybe they won’t notice.

18:19 Sam announces that he’s eaten his Yorkshires because they were nice. He is so today’s favourite.

18:45 It’s Lindsay’s turn to sample her wares. She hasn’t made Yorkshires. She’s made doughnuts!

Read what happened yesterday on Day 25


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