Day Three in the Corona House

(though no one actually has it)

03:54 Lindsay is wide awake again. At this rate, she’ll be living a 24 hour existence and it’s more likely sleep deprivation will get her before the Corona Virus does.

07:25 Joel comes up with more arguments about not going in for the last day. Lindsay informs him that as the child of two key workers, she could make him go into school for the next few months if he doesn’t get his arse into gear. He jumps in the shower.

07.47 Lindsay starts getting emotional at the thought of saying goodbye to her class later in the day and never teaching them again. What has happened to her? She doesn’t even cry over her own children!

07:55 Lindsay wells up again as she drops the boys off for the final time at the bus stop. Tears for the fact that she will now be quarantined with the argumentative one and the fruit loop for the foreseeable future.

09:51 Abigail announces she’s cleaned the boys’ bedrooms. Maybe this enforced time together won’t be so bad after all. Free child labour!

10.14 Delivery of 4 pints of milk, 1kg of cheese and 30 eggs. All prepared now for this crisis.

15:10 Lindsay has a major strop when it’s announced her school will be open on Monday. She’s better things planned – online shopping, a new box set and a high chance of daytime alcohol. She stomps off to bed with a cuppa to watch the last episode of Line of Duty.

16:25 The boys return home and have obviously been forewarned about their mother’s bad mood. They come nowhere near.

17:38 Much to their surprise, the Stevensons find themselves all in the living room at the same time.

17:39 Everyone turns on Joel for wanting pizza instead of chippy tea.

17:40 Joel storms to his room announcing he’s going out with friends anyway. He hasn’t quite got the hang of this social distancing thing.

17:41 Sam scurries off and Lindsay goes to her favourite place – the toilet. Only two Stevensons remain.

17:47 Email comes through to say Sam has spent £70 on Maths books. Maths?! No birthday present for Ian next week. Lindsay WILL still be getting Mothers’ Day gifts though!

Read what happened yesterday on Day 2

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