The Final Countdown Day 42

It’s the final countdown. I’ve calculated it’s 42 days until I make my great escape from the classroom. There will be many things I will miss but, as I’m sure many teachers will agree, there seems to be so much more that I will be glad to see the back of.

Number Nine – The Rolling of the Eyes

If I could have exercised my stomach as much as I’ve rolled my eyes over the last 20-plus years, I’d have a 12 pack. My eyes are so looking forward to staying in their designated socket space. I can’t quite believe that my eyes didn’t ever end up in the back of my head, given some of the things I’ve heard in the classroom since 1999.

But, it’s when students start rolling their eyes at you that you know it’s time to get out while you can!

See what appeared on the list yesterday at The Final Countdown Day 43

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