Day 582 in the Corona House

(And two people actually have it.)

06:47 Lindsay wakes up and sees Ian is in Scotland. Always a good start to the day.

11:25 Lindsay summons up the strength to have a shower. By the time she’s applied lotions and creams afterwards, she’s so slippery and sweaty she needs to go back in.

14:42 Ian arrives back.

“Aww. Come here you.”

“I can’t. You’ve got Covid.”

“Not you. The dog.”

16:13 Ian and Lindsay are watching rugby.

“Them three must be brothers, Ian.”


“They’ve all got Ronseal on their shirts.”

“That’s the sponsor!”

17:03 Lindsay surprises Ian by making his tea.

“Linz. Where did you get the chicken from to make this curry?”

“The fridge.”

“Wasn’t it out of date?”

“Didn’t check. It smelt ok.”

“You can’t smell anything!”

“Oh yeah.”


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