Day 579 in the Corona House

And two people actually have it.

07:37 Frankie wakes Lindsay by growling at some strange boy walking past the fence. It’s Joel.

08:29 Lindsay puts 6 sugars in her tea, in the hope she might taste something. She doesn’t taste a thing but suddenly feels very hyper.

10:03 Lindsay decides to take advantage of having no sense of taste by eating all the pointless roast chicken and prawn cocktail crisps that you get in multipacks.

11:03 Lindsay’s creeping around so as not to wake the baby. As in 13 year old Abigail who announced last night that she wanted to play Monopoly.

12:01 Lindsay starts reading the instructions for the Covid trial she’s agreed to take part in. She has to clean a surface before doing the test. There was no mention of this by Hannah when she persuaded Lindsay to take part in the trial!

14:22 Ian hears Lindsay scream from the living room and dashes in.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve forgotten how to cast on for knitting!”

16:37 Joel arrives home and wants to go straight back out. “Can I get a lift?”

“Where to?”

“The tree.”

“Might need to be a bit more specific there Joel.”

“The gym.”

18:43 Abigail spots a copy of Macbeth.

“I read that in Year 6. Isn’t that where laddo goes a bit crazy and lasso kills herself?”

“Yep. That about sums it up Abigail”

18:57 Abigail spots Lindsay writing today’s blog.

“My friend reads your blog.”

“Does she? How do you know?”

“She sent me one when you said I was your favourite child.”

“Ah well. Never mind.”

19:11 Ian heads off to sort out his bed in the garage. Lindsay knew there was a positive somewhere from having Covid.

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