Day Ninety-Nine in Lockdown #3.0

08:57 Joel and Lindsay are off to his Sixth Form interview.

“Any tips Mam?”

“Yeah. Don’t talk.”

09:12 Lindsay’s thankful she’s in Sam’s car with L Plates as she drives the wrong way down a one way street. The angry driver who had to brake doesn’t look convinced that Joel is a driving instructor.

09:29 Thankfully the interviewer doesn’t want to look at Joel’s school report because they have a glowing reference from Keswick School, saying how he would be an asset to another school’s sixth form. They clearly want shot of Joel.

09:49 Joel’s ordeal is over.

“Did I show myself up Mam?”

“No. Just me.”

11:01 Lindsay may go the doctor and request an X-ray. She’s sure her bladder has repositioned itself in her derrière because every time she sits down, she needs a wee.

11:12 Lindsay’s back at the opticians to choose some new glasses.

“So have you got a new prescription?”

“Yeah. These ones are useless. I can’t read anything on your screen.”

“You do realise your glasses are on your head?”

11:17 Lindsay’s picked some new frames.

“That was quite quick for me. I normally take ages to choose.”

“Did you not fancy a change? You’ve picked the exact same frames as the ones on your head.”

11:57 Lindsay withdraws a large amount of money. The bank employee is curious.

“Treating yourself?”

“Yeah. We’re getting the garage converted.”

“How’s that a treat?”

“My sons will be moving in.”

12:12 Supposedly intelligent A-Level student Sam shows any future employers his obvious potential.

“What do I do with this full bin bag?”

13:34 Lindsay ponders what she’s achieved during these holidays.

13:36 Lindsay’s still pondering.

14:01 Ian looks concerned.

“Linz. Have we had any parcels delivered?”

“No. Do you want me to sort out some for tomorrow?”

16:29 Years of forgetting to feed her kids finally pays off and Sam makes his own tea.

18:23 Ian asks Lindsay what she’s been put to.

“Comparing car lengths.”

“I thought you were waiting till next year?”

“I am.”

“But you want one now?”

“Oh go on then.”

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