Day Ninety-Four in Lockdown #3.0

08:36 Lindsay’s finally watching the final episode of The Tudors. Henry has aged dramatically overnight. It’s almost as if he’s spent a day in Lindsay’s classroom.

10:01 Lindsay’s upset at the end of The Tudors.

“Surely you knew Henry died Linz?”

“Of course I did. I’m upset because I’ve no other box sets lined up. I might have to talk to you.”

11:23 Bizarrely, Lindsay spots a TES article about weighted blankets. Every teacher should have one apparently to reduce stress and anxiety. That would work in Lindsay’s case because she would be trapped all day and unable to get to work.

12:04 Sam’s sniffing again.

“Will you stop making that noise Sam?!”

“Should I just stop breathing then?”

“If you like.”

12:56 Lindsay tells Joel about Prince Philip.

“Will we get a day off school?”

“You’re already off school!”

12:57 Lindsay tells Abigail about Prince Philip.

“Does that mean dancing will be cancelled?”

Lindsay’s not gonna bother telling Sam.

13:16 Lindsay checks to see if Joel has been revising.

“What does gestern mean?


“No. Yesterday. What does neulich mean?”


“No. Recently. What does jetzt mean?”


“No!! Now. Have you been revising any German?”


14:57 Ian’s trying to find a decent song on the radio but they’re all playing sombre tunes.

“This is what happens Ian when a member of the royal family dies.”

“What? We have to listen to Celine Dion on repeat?!”

17:23 Ian’s fed up. Every time he walks into the room, there is a programme on about Prince Philip. He walks out chuntering. If Lindsay plays her cards right, she won’t see Ian now until after the funeral.

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