Day Eighty-Six in Lockdown #3.0

07:22 Ian’s feeling refreshed.

“I had a good night’s sleep. Didn’t hear you at all.”

“That’s because I was sleeping downstairs as I could hear you very, very well.”

13:37 One of Lindsay’s students is preparing a speech.

“I haven’t quite finished.”

“Just ad lib then.

“Bribe you?”

“No, ad lib means….do you have crisps?”

15:59 Lindsay walks in to discover Joel had made her tea. She walks straight back out to check she’s in the right house.

16:00 Lindsay’s at a loss as to why her bowels always want emptied just as she’s about to fill them. Her tea goes cold.

16:02 Joel’s thinking about his grandad.

“Why did you take Dis to hospital?”

“To talk about getting his spleen out.”

“His back?!”

“Spleen! Not spine!”

“Same thing.”

“Please don’t ever think about being a doctor Joel.”

16:32 Ian wants to know if the kids are hungry so Lindsay goes to check.

“Ian. Both of them aren’t hungry yet.”

“You’ve got three kids.”

“Oh yeah.”

17:23 Lindsay is trying again with Wuthering Heights. After one chapter, she’s now as demented as Cathy was.

17:33 Lindsay announces she’s popping upstairs.


She might have given the game away.

18:03 Lindsay’s talking about the phrase ‘those who can’t, teach’ with Ian.

“That doesn’t apply to me.”

“How come?”

“For me, it’s ‘those who can’t teach, wing it.’”

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