Day Five in Lockdown #3.0

09:12 Lindsay asks Frankie how his enlarged balls are. He goes and gets her a tennis ball and a squeaky pig. She’s not sure if he’s trying to tell her something.

10:23 Lindsay can’t find her bank card. But it’s ok because she does remember putting it somewhere different and telling herself to remember putting it there so her future self wouldn’t panic when she could not find it but would instead remember that it was in a different place. Stupid Lindsay of the past thinking future Lindsay would remember where she’d put it.

10:58 Lindsay checks the weather forecast for the week ahead. Just so she’s not too surprised when she looks out of the window.

11:01 Lindsay tries to wake Abigail up for dancing. She appears to have given birth to Chucky 2.

11:30. Chucky 2 doesn’t make the dance lesson.

11:34 “Come on then. Let’s snuggle.”

“Ok then.”

“Not you Ian. The dog.”

13:45 Lindsay decides to ignore any proper cleaning and sorts out her knicker drawer. She seems to have old ladies’ tights from the 1950s, uncomfortable thongs from the 1990s, socks that aren’t hers, buttons for clothes she no longer has, teeth she’s forgotten to put under pillows, two smashed iPads and an out of date inhaler. But no knickers.

15:03 Lindsay wants a job done.

“Ian. You’re gonna hate me.”

“What? Even more?”

15:47 Abigail puts on a UV mask so she is less Chucky and more Jason. Lindsay keeps her distance either way.

16:12 Lindsay asks Ian to check on Joel.

16:13 “I’m too old for the tickle monster!!”

He’s fine.

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