An Ode to Dick

A little ditty about a friend who had Covid-19 and didn’t like to mention it!

Dick’s had Corona Virus, don’t you know?

Or Covid 19 to be precise.

In fact, the way he keeps on going on about it,

He’ll be the first person to catch it twice.

To be fair, it’s not his fault he caught it.

It was the wife who fetched it home.

She got it off bloody Covid Cliff.

Who the nurses had allowed to roam.

Dick showed the symptoms first,

As is so typical for men to do.

He took to the sofa and did nothing.

“You’re ill? I hadn’t a clue!”

So a hospital stay was required,

Or that is what he was told.

Rachel just fancied some peace,

So it was Diana who was quickly called.

“Tell him he needs to go to hospital Di!

Life has become unbearable.

I might just have to see him off,

If I have to watch another Tenable.”

Dick had to wear a mask,

And Rachel was suitably suited.

Not that he was being well cared for,

But the fact that he was finally muted.

Now that he’s home, he’s been busy,

Although he’s still quite not fully fit.

Rachel’s given him a feather duster

And Dick knows exactly where he wants to shove it!

But we’re thrilled that he’s almost recovered.

Bransty Rangers needs the Ian/Dick combo.

Who would do all the shouting at matches?

“Lads?! I’ve had Corona Virus, did you know?!”

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