Day 580 in the Corona House

And two people actually have it.

09:53 Lindsay thinks now could be the time to clean all 1,056 Venetian blind slats downstairs ( She’s been been bored. She’s counted them.). It could be. But it won’t.

10:57 Lindsay decides to add a bit of excitement to her day by taking a trip to the garage to get some tripe for Frankie.

13:24 Abigail emerges from her lair and comes downstairs. Lindsay goes upstairs.

13:27 Abigail arrives upstairs. Lindsay goes downstairs.

13:28 Frankie’s confused by following people up and downstairs. And why he hasn’t been taken for a walk yet.

14:46 Abigail must be really bored. She wants to play cards with Lindsay.

“What do you want to play? Pontoon? Rummy?”


“Fine. I’ll just go then.”

14:57 Lindsay’s taught Abigail a new card game.

“Ahhh. My cards are rubbish Mam!!”

“Don’t take up Poker, Abigail.”

15:03 Ian returns and makes Lindsay smile. Not because he’s returned. He has overtime.

16:09 Everyone appears in the room and Lindsay is getting stressed by so much human interaction. It’ll be Lindsay in the kitchen with the wok if they don’t leave her alone very soon.

18:37 Lindsay should consider getting dressed one day soon. Everytime she looks in the mirror, she sees the Emperor from The Empire Strikes Back staring back at her.

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