An Alternative All Hallows’ Eve

‘Twas All Hallows’ Eve once again

But not a sound outside could be heard

Not a bark from a neighbourhood dog

Nor a squawk from a startled blackbird.


No chatter from excited children

As they wandered the dark and friendless streets

No excited laughter and squeals

As they were given more sugary treats.


Roads were eerily deserted

Doors were firmly closed

Carved pumpkins were all demoted

And skeletons were cruelly deposed.


For a new danger lurked all around

Everyone had to be aware

Times, they were a-changing

Tonight was a very peculiar affair.


No scary clowns on pavements

No grim reapers knocking at doors

No witches cackling on broomsticks

No zombies covered in repulsive sores.


Children all hid behind curtains

Reprimanded if they uttered a noise

Costumes hung unused in cupboards

Amongst the unloved and discarded toys.


No apples waiting to be bobbed

No scary stories waiting to be told

No horror films waiting to be watched

For those feeling particularly bold.


‘Twas All Hallows’ Eve once again

And nowhere could a child be seen

For a new danger lurked all around

And it’s name was COVID-19.


I wrote this for EIF Hallowe’en Special. The ten year old in me thinks poems should always rhyme, probably because the forty-six year old me can’t even remember studying poetry at school. But it’s half term, I’ve slightly more time on my hands so I thought I’d give it a go! 🎃👻


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