Day Six in the Back to School House

03:49 Lindsay’s certain Ian and a mattress spring have joined forces to create as much noise as possible.

08:32 Lindsay wakes from a dream about a parent complaining after only two days. Lindsay knows she’s been dreaming. It’s usually two weeks, not two days.

09:44 Lindsay reads a headline about the Earth’s oxygen rusting the moon. She can sympathise. Her kids’ oxygen has been ageing her for years.

12:01 Abigail thanks Lindsay profusely for making her some lunch. It’s like a scene from Oliver Twist.

13:34 Joel walks in the living room.

“I didn’t know you liked cricket.”

“I don’t.”

“So why are you watching?”

“I like that man there, talking.”

“Isn’t he good at bowling?”

“No idea. But he’s exceptional at standing there, looking pretty.”

14:23 Lindsay is getting annoyed at her computer for saying it can’t locate the printer.

“It’s right next to you for God’s sake!!!”

14:24 The printer splutters into life. Shouting obviously works.

16:15 Lindsay has a random conversation in the car with Abigail.

“Has your eyesight changed?”


“It’s a sign.”

“It’s a sign of what Abigail?”

“Has your eyesight changed?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“No!! It’s a sign. A poster.”

“Oh right. I didn’t see it.”

19:02 Lindsay’s on her way to pick up Joel. She passes groups of teenagers, all dressed the same. Then she sees one, lying on the floor, kicking his legs like a baby. Yep. He belongs to her.


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